Evert van Fucht

Work methodology


My choice to use bronze started at the academy because it is easy to melt, weld and solder and has a nice scalar of collars. During pouring the melted bronze, some drops will fall on to the floor. The textures of the solidified drops fascinate me it seems they have there own will. After prolonqued experimentation with different ways of cooling the liquid metal within the melting and solidified period I became successful giving it marks of decay (in my vision traces of a lifetime if the liquid element bronze is a life).

With this worn out material during my way of creating I show optimal the quality of the bronze and start like sawing, chopping, bending. Forcing and welding on the end I can add collar by chemicals and with polishing and grounding I can add contrast this orchanic way of building a sculpture makes that you have as observer more ways experience. When my ideas grow bigger I need to use other material like stainless steel white collar and glossy and corten steel dark rusty makes a large contrast.